Tarot & Numerology reading

Tuesday / 18:30

The ancient sacred arts of tarot and numerology are powerful tools used to look within and find deeper meaning to our lives; providing clarity as to what motivates us, what forms our identities, and where we can find ways through the most significant blocks in our development, or simply how to adjust our daily self-care routines. Both tarot and its sister system of numerology reflect the truths laying just below the surface of the subconscious, the things we pretend not to know— using imagery, symbolism, and patterns to draw inspiration from the cards and their corresponding numerical placements in the deck. When combined with what we can divine from our personal numerology (a series of static and changing calculations derived from our birthday), the cards begin to speak to us even further; tying up loose ends while delivering messages of truth which help guide us back to our authentic selves' time and time again.